Anthony Rufo has been working in the music business for over thirty years, recording, performing, and teaching all over the New York Metropolitan area.  Since the beginning days of his studies at William Paterson University, Anthony's raw talents and determination have exhibited the creative, technical, and personal ingredients necessary to become a master musician.  Studying under great teachers such as Dennis Gorgas, Joe Cinderella, and Peter Mazza, while absorbing influences such as Van Halen, Beatles, and Larry Carlton, Anthony's artistic flair and desire to express himself "lit the flame" necessary for him to make a lifetime commitment to creating music.

His first taste of recording was "back in the day" with musician pal and friend Don Lewis.  Anthony and Don got their first tastes of studio work while writing and recording songs such as "Meet Me at the Light" and "Welcome to the Real World."  This music reflected the late, great days of the eighties, where "pop" music was at its best, and live performances were a way to spend every Friday and Saturday night.  He also performed in a variety of live bands in clubs throughout the trip-state area.

Anthony has come a long way since "his performing" days in the eighties.  His music in more recent times reflects many of his personal life experiences and political views, and offers a maturity, awareness, and depth to the listener that was not showcased as much in the beginning days of recording.  He has recorded, arranged and produced three CD's of original music consisting of both instrumental and vocal music.

When not in the studio, Rufo has been very busy with other creative endeavors that have garnered rave reviews.  His song "Flying High"(Above the Clouds) has been carefully selected as the music for a promotional DVD and website for Black Swan Helicopter LTD, a helicopter touring company in Canada.  This tiny "jewel" of a song couldn't be more inspiring for the aviator at heart!

He also made a DVD that shows the making of "Cruising"-an "ass-kickin", hard rocking', original instrumental tune from the CD "Makin'Waves."  This DVD reveals the "hard core" effort and energy that goes into producing one song and includes live performances with some awesome studio footage.

Broadjam, a popular internet site has also come to love many of Rufo's great works with the songs "Walkin the Boards, Sierra Leone, I Gotta Believe, and Tonester Bushido" picked as some of NJ's best!  These songs were featured as New Jersey's top 10 in R&B, funk, classic and hard rock categories.  Anthony has also been a finalist in Broadjam's 6-Pack songwriter's competition and his song "Sons of Thunder" was featured in Guitar Player Magazine.   He was a favored musician on the "Naked Brunch" a popular North Jersey radio show playing blues, progressive and classic rock and jazz at William Paterson University in Wayne, New Jersey.

This tireless musician doesn't stop here.  When not in the studio recording, Rufo is busy teaching his vast family of students who have been with him for many many years.  Teaching at the highest of levels, Rufo is helping produce student bands, teaching musical arranging and writing techniques or recording orchestral scores with his students.  He was recently involved in writing an original song with a student entitled "One Last Day", a song highlighting the kaleidoscope of emotions felt when one embraces closure, or the final days of various life events.  Other students have gone on to become music teachers, performers in bands, and recording artists.

So, to answer the question, what is the next step for this multi-level, multi-talented musician, the answer is clear.....Rufo is a versatile musician, who needs to grow and express himself through his music.  His bold honesty, through both instrumental and vocal expression is a testimony to his "sustainability."  As he grows and evolves, so does his music".  "I'm reaching more and more people each day" says Rufo.  From film, to commercials and DVD's...to the radio and internet....to movies and to great kids who just enjoy listening.....I am blessed to continue to experience the adrenaline, passion, and inner flame necessary to create "magic" through my music!